What is search engine optimization ?

what is seo?

Now a days every one searching online , SEO , Search engine method, online promotion  , People get  some information but they do not find actual  information ,Today I will describing about what is SEO ? , Do you know  full form of  SEO . Search Engine Optimization is full  name of this technique .

If you have a idea to create a business like online store or you want to open a software company . Than how to choose your business  , According to me you will check your financial status than you will choose a website and take a office ,So you have to do lot of task to create your business .In whole process you already spent lot of money. But when you complete all task and you go find your business online . You will find nothing online ,because there are lots of billion website and business holder in india and other countries , Than how you sell your product online and how people find your business portal . So here you need SEO Specialist or SEO company  .

Types of SEO ->There are two type of SEO .


1 White Hat SEO    2 Black Hat SEO

1 White Hat SEO : Here you will find information about white hat SEO , In your mind one question may be arise .white hat ? May be you think hat which one people wear , but it is totally different , Here it ‘s meaning if your follow google guidelines than it’s called white hat SEO , So never confuse about it

Quality Content : Every one knows that content is king for all website , so if you use descriptive content and use  proper keywords  and that content is not copied from other places .Content should not be penalized  so we careful .


Easy to Navigate & Responsive : According to google guideline your website structure must be responsive and mobile friendly .So this is big area you have to work out . and your website loading time should be low .

.Analysis website : First case you have to analyse your website by different tools , like small seo tool , and use seo analysis software to analysis your website issues and correct .

Do Follow links : Always try to create do follow links for your website , if you create do follow back link for your website than google crawl these links , but always remember do quality work not do quantity work .


2 Black Hat SEO : Its very simple If you are not following google guidelines than it is called black hat SEO .There are lots of technique people use to rank a website in unnatural way , and also they get rank for some time , but when google find bad method than google can penalize your website for long term so according to me never go for black magic .

Hidden Content : If you hide  your anchor tag with white color on other user website , or if you use java script and css for this method to promote you link is called black hat method .

Meta Keyword Stuffing : According to google guidelines google does not use meta keywords , but it used by yahoo and Bing , so if you use unrelated meta tags in you website meta keywords  and you use one keyword several time than its called meta keyword stuffing .

Doorway pages : This is a black hat technique .which pages customized for a few keywords and these type of programming only for google search engine ,These pages are used for spamdexing . Doorway pages is a  trick the search engines into giving websites higher rankings.

Spam Comments : If you go for blog comment on several blogs than some time users  add a comment with website link or thanks for writing and any other word , same content in different =2 blogs .That is called spam comment .

Paid Links:  You want backlinks for your website  and if you buy links from other website ,and that website create 2000 back link in unnatural way ,These type off link not give any value for your website, and if google find this type of back link than it take a serious action for that website , this is totally black hat method .


Duplicate Content : Content is King For google point of view , if you promote content on your website of blog page than google gives  value for your website . But when you choose content which one is used earlier or some one used that content . Than it ‘s called duplicate content .It also come in black hat .

Cloaking : IT is a black hat method in search engine optimization , when  you show one  page in two ways . one for user and other for google .when pages designed for specially for google to rank website. It is deceptive  , By its help you can get rank for targeted keyword ,it’s not follow google guidelines because when user search for one query and he find different result .

Article Spinning : Do you know what is article spinning ? It is also same concept like duplicate content . when use take article from other source and by using any tool change the meaning of word  then that content also duplicate and it also a reason for decreasing you website ranking .

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