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Microsoft Adcenter & Bing Advertising

Bing ads also known as Microsoft ad center and MSN ad center. It is the good alternative to Google AdWords , it allows you to target specific users of Bing, Yahoo and Microsoft network. Bing is most popular brand name of Microsoft s Search engine, it is now the third most popular search engine in United kingdom . Creating your ads on Bing search engine can be easy. To start with a new Bing ads campaign , you need to first find the services related keywords that are relevant to your business. Keywords play an important role in ppc as well as seo ,we will help to targeted audience and increases the conversion rate.
Regarding the first concern, the market investigation shows that today Microsoft and Yahoo currently only compete weakly for distributors of their respective search technology in the EEA82. Out of twenty-five distribution contracts on which detailed data was provided by nine respondents, Microsoft and Yahoo were among the successful bidder and the runner up

Benefits of Microsoft Bing ads Services:

  • Less competition and lower per click cost
  • Demographic targeting
  • Backed by Microsoft
  • Improved conversion rate and ROI
  • Better personalization of ads
  • Increased traffic and sales business

Microsoft Adcenter offers the best place to place your ads. It has a variety of resources to boost the performance of your ads without investing mammoth amount of time on managing your campaign. Microsoft was the last of the third search engines to develop its own system for delivering pay per click ads. MSN collected a portion of the ad revenue in return for displaying Yahoo!’s ads on its search engine.
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