Facebook Marketing

Guaranteed FaceBook Marketing Campaign Services

Facebook is the Biggest social networking channel , and has powerful tools for businesses to spread the word about their business services and products. Facebook is a right way to build your loyalty among your customers and get them spreading about your services. Social media services continues to expand: 70% of adults worldwide now use social media websites, and approx 170 million customers now shop online — a figure that will increase to 198 million users by 2016.1 Before finalizing any purchase decision, All average consumer visits more than 9 resources on the web server , After that varying from sites discovered from search engines to social forums. and then take decision , Iif you want to attract people and build loyalty. As a Seo India experts based social media marketing firm, our goal is to help your company succeed.
Facebook is for you and your business if you want the Social Media special team to completely manage your Facebook presence. We take care of all social requirement and focus on your running business. Providing facebook Services to clients in presents time is challenge ,it is not easy to build your brand in just few days , if you want to grow like flipkart and many other sites than you have to give time

What we do in Facebook core marketing ?

  • Create and optimize current business page that have complete information .
  • URL Design and upload custom logo profile image that define your business.
  • Create advance plan and write introduction email to your current customer.
  • Promoting your Facebook Business page that target your website .
  • Update at least 2 posts every day and report updated sheet .
  • 7 days a week Monitor per weekday and notify you of any progress.
  • Forward business messages to you by phone or on your email
  • Create one promotional idea per month to drive more traffic on your page.
  • We will increase your number of likes and followers.

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