Contextual Links


Contextual links are not as a article marketing as a matter of fact article marketing such a contextual link building services since most article websites and directories do not allow in text links.

Contextual links have 2 characteristics

  1. It Located in the middle of given text that is highly relevant for keyword.
  2. Located in a website that is relevant to the link keyword.

It is rather new, since google is always playing catch up with black hat SEO and since panda context has become more important than before. So if you are a development company links from your clients are not worth as much as links from your “competitors”. Context is also a bit fuzzy so, hosting, and web design and ecommerce might share context, even though the keywords may not be the same. I used this to get to #1 in my countries web design keywords. Hard but worth every bit.

Difference between Contextual links and Natural Link

  • Contextual links are also called as one of the most powerful types of one-way links
  • Google find contextual links in fresh & unique content as the most natural links , and also gives more value compared to others
  • We have found that websites with contextual link, has high in search engine ranking than other types of links
  • These links work as 100% natural links and there is no other scope of obtaining links from link farms or more link directories

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